Purchasing Guide

Product / Servicesort ascending UwPA Vendor Best purchasing method
Copy Editors Voucher
Conveying Repairs - Elevators, Ramps, Etc. Task Order / Purchase Order
Controlled Inspection Task Order / Purchase Order
Construction Project Management Purchase Order, with Agreement and Scope of Work
Construction Management Task Order / Purchase Order
Construction / Repairs (Misc.) Task Order / Purchase Order
CONCRETE,MASONRY,STONE -Other than Façade Restoration Task Order / Purchase Order
Computer Supplies/Software Apple Computer, Inc., CDW-G, Dell Marketing L.P., Connection , Hewlett-Packard / Compaq C/O MRA Intl. P-Card
Computer Equipment - Laptops & Desktops Apple Computer, Inc., Dell Marketing L.P., Hewlett-Packard / Compaq C/O MRA Intl. P-Card or Purchase Order
Competition Judges Voucher
Community Organizer Purchase Order, with Scope of Work
Cleaning and building porter services Task Order / Purchase Order
Case Writers Voucher, with Release Agreement
CARPENTRY & MILLWORK Task Order / Purchase Order
Capital Equipment Leasing - Car Lease, Copier / Printer / Scanner Lease, Computers, Medical Equipment, Dental Equipment, Laboratory Equipment Purchase Order
Book/Article Reviewers/Proofreaders Voucher
Auditiorium & Specialty Seating Task Order / Purchase Order
Attorneys/Legal Advisers (Litigation Support) Consultation with OGC prior to engagement of services
Artist (All Media and "non-perfomring") Voucher, with Performance Agreement