ACSRI Tar Sands Proposal and Survey

The Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investing (ACSRI) was established to advise the University Trustees on ethical and social issues that may affect investments of the University's endowment.  


The Committee has previously considered and rejected student proposals for broad-based divestment from fossil fuel companies. In the ACSRI’s response to a student group petition last fall, the Committee is considering a targeted fossil fuel divestment/no investment policy based on its “stand up for the science” methodology. This would mean targeting for divestment (or non-investment) publicly traded firms that engage in denial of climate change science whether by “word” or by “deed.”    




The Committee’s proposed approach is to target unconventional, high-cost resource development if reliable data is available. The Committee feels this exists for tar sands and has prepared the following proposal. Click here to read the proposal. 




Among the criteria for an ACSRI divestment recommendation is a broad consensus within the Columbia University community. As the Committee is generating this particular approach rather than responding to a petition, the Committee is interested in hearing the views of Columbia students, faculty, staff and alumni.


The survey has closed.  Thank you for your interest.