Training essentials


Payment Card Industry Basics (required)


Columbia University is committed to maintaining the security of customer information, including payment cardholder data such as the card number, name, expiration date and verification number; and follows best practices for protecting card information. The University has partnered with a leading provider of compliance and data security solutions to assist the University in meeting mandatory Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

These PCI standards were established by major credit card companies to ensure organizations that accept credit cards as a method of payment, prevent credit card fraud and breaches of cardholder information. Through this training, you will learn about PCI's 12 requirements that constitutes compliance by organizations when handling credit card data.


Everyone who comes into contact with any cardholder data; is involved with any part of a credit card transaction; and/or anyone who may compromise the cardholder data environment, has a responsibility to safeguard such data and is required to complete and pass the online PCI Basics Training Course upon hire and thereafter on an annual basis, as PCI standards change over time.

Each University location that accepts credit cards must ensure that every individual involved in the process is aware of their responsibilities. PCI standards apply to all types of credit card acceptance, including in-person, by mail order, telephone and web transactions.

View the Credit Card Acceptance and Processing Policy for more details.

  • New Users must complete the PCI Basics Course before the New User Request Forms are submitted.

Use the link below to access the Course. You will be prompted for your UNI and password to login.

Reconciling Your Merchant Account (PDF)

This training will help you:

  • Understand University requirements for conducting Daily Transaction Reviews and Monthly Financial Reconciliation of your Merchant Account activity,
  • Learn how to access the essential resources required for reviews and reconciliations,
  • Learn how to resolve discrepancies, and
  • Learn how to complete and submit your monthly reconciliations


Fraud Prevention for Merchants


Ingenico Transaction Quick Tips (PDF)


Skimming Prevention: Overview of Best Practices (PDF)


Verifone Quick Tips for Reviewing Daily Activity and Monthly Reconciliation (PDF)

Verifone Transaction Quick Tips (PDF)