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    How can I re-open a closed incident in Service Now or provide additional information when an issue has been marked as ‘resolved’?

    The Logging an Incident in Service-Now Overview job aid has been updated to include guidance on how to update and/or re-open an incident.

    What is the difference between a Service Request and an Incident?

    An incident is the unplanned service interruption of day to day work of the user. For example, error messages and performance issues.  A service request is a business offering that does not necessarily impact the work of the user. A service request may have approvals and specific workflow.

    When submitting a Service Request, i.e. Financial Systems Security Application, what is the expected turnaround time? Any way to expedite?

    Requests related to Finance have an expected turnaround time of 3-5 business days.   HR/PAC related request turnaround time varies on a case by case basis. Submit an incident to expedite.

    For a Service Now incident, is there a “submit” button? How do I know when an incident has been updated and submitted by me?

    When first opening an incident through the self-service menu, the wizard will prompt the user to select the correct service desk the issue should go to.  Once the incident form displays the incident has been submitted and is visible to the service desk analysts. The user will need to complete all required fields (with a red marking in the field name) and click the Update button so that the information is properly updated in the incident.

    How can I provide feedback regarding Incidents? For example, if the resolution provided is not satisfactory.

    When an incident is in resolved status, the user will receive an email notification of this. In this email, the user can click a link in case the issue has not been resolved or it was not satisfactory. This will update the incident and put it into the service desk tier 1 queue.

    How can I contact IT for issues like resetting a password or other system operations issues?

    You can send an email to askcuit@columbia or submit a CUIT incident in ServiceNow.