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    General Training Q & A

    How do I access my training courses from the Finance Gateway?

    You will need to know which system roles you applied for on the Financial Systems Security Application.  Then navigate to the Required Trainings by Role Chart for URL links to related web-based courses and certification requirements.  To view a listing of all classses, the right hand side of the Finance Gateway homepage has a Helpful Tools section. Within this section there is a link to ‘Training’ which will take you to the Finance Training page. Click the ‘Browse Catalog’ button to open the Training Catalog page where you can access courses, job aids, and course resources. If you need additional clarification on what training to take, please reference the “Arc Training Requirements” button on the Finance Training page.

    Do I need any special software for the web-based training?

    For PC users, Microsoft Windows 7 or higher and Flash 9 (or newer) is required to take the web-based training. Contact CUIT or your School/Admin Unit IT resource to ensure you have Flash, or will be able to download it.  For Mac users, OS X 10.2 (or newer) is required to run the web-based training.  Please note that OS X 10.2 was released in 2002. The following browsers can be used to take the web-based training: Internet Explorer (11 or newer), Google Chrome (63 or newer), Mozilla Firefox (52 or newer), or Apple Safari (6.0 or newer). 

    What are the ways in which I can narrow the materials within the Training Catalog to locate specific materials?

    The Course Catalog allows you to filter information by module and/or by training type. On the left side of the Course Catalog, there are direct links to all modules and training types. In order to filter by a certain module or type, simply click the appropriate link on the left side of the Course Catalog page.  In addition, you can use the “Search” field at the top of the page to search for a particular course or job aid title.

    Are instructor led courses available in addition to the required web-based ARC training?

    Yes, instructor led classes are available for a limited selection of subjects, including Travel and Business Expense Reimbursements, Endowment Administration and Compliance and others.  We will be adding to this curriculum in the coming year.  Click here for more info.

    I think I need to change or add roles. What should I do?

    If you think you need to change or add to your security roles, please speak with your manager.  If your manager confirms the changes, you should complete the Financial Systems Security Application.

    Will course materials be available in print friendly versions?

    All job aids and training guides are available in print friendly versions through the Finance Training Catalog. The job aids are in the section entitles Job Aid, and the training guides are within the section entitled Course References.

    Can you access web-based training from within the ARC modules?

    Yes.  Click on a Help link from within ARC and it will call up a menu with all the topics related to the field or page that the user is on.

    Can I take training courses outside of my security role so I have a more comprehensive understanding of the system?

    Yes.  The full training curriculum is available for individuals who want to better understand processes and changes outside of their roles.  This training will not require Knowledge Assessments or Training Acknowledgments.  Note that review of this material will not grant you system access to these roles. Simply access the Finance Training Catalog and begin your training at any time.

    Can I estimate how much time I will need to complete my required training?

    The number of roles you have in the system determines your training.  Suggested completion times are provided with each course.  Once you know your assigned training courses, you can estimate the number of hours you will need to complete training.  Estimated course durations are also available from the Finance Training Catalog.