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New Vehicle Acquisition

This form must be completed when a new motor vehicle, boat, or trailer is added to the Columbia University inventory through purchase, lease, or other transfer. (You do not need to request a Vehicle Insurance ID card)

W-9 Form

Request for taxpayer identification number and certificate

IT-2104 Form

NYC & NYS long form Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate

Duplicate Vehicle Insurance ID Card Request

Complete this form to request a lost or damaged proof of insurance for a motor vehicle, boat, or trailer

Vehicle Accident Report

ALL MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS involving a Columbia University vehicle or employee traveling on University business must submit a completed form to Risk Management within 24 hours of the incident. Submission should include photos of damage and police report (when available).

Policy Exception or Adjustment Request

May be used for documenting your request for a one time policy exception or a continuing policy adjustment.

Petty Cash Receipts Summary Form (for Human Subjects research)

A receipts log required to process human subject research payments and reimbursements

Vendor Payee/Request Web Form

Use this form to request a new vendor or modify/validate an existing Procurement vendor. Vendors should also use this form to modify their own information. Employees can use this form to request or modify reimbursement direct deposit information.

Sole / Single Source Form

Form for completing a Sole or Single Source justification for a requisition that is flagged with the Sole / Single Source flag. 

Stale Check Reissuance Form

For unclaimed property processing

Wire Transfer Template

Form used for authorizing bank account information in order to transfer funds via wire transfer. 

Non-Employee Expense Worksheet

For entering expenses for non-employees. 

Equipment Inventory Adjustment (EIA) Form

Report transfer/disposal of equipment

CORE Reconciliation Template

Financial reconcilation template used for confirming final project expenditures.

Photographer Purchase Order Rider

To be used for Photographer/Videographer purchase orders. Concerns ownership, license grant, limitations on use & indemnification.

Internal Transfer Justification Form

For Internal Transfers that require written justification.

Scope of Work (SOW)

Attachment I to Consultant Requisition

Supplemental Approver Report 10/31/2013
Time Entry Form

Used to pay employees not yet listed in PAC

Performing Artists (musicians and actors) - Individual

This agreement needs to be completed and then signed by the vendor prior to the performance & forwarded to Purchasing to be counter signed. Once fully executed, it must be submitted with the voucher for payment to AP. For more information please go to the product/service page.