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Exceptions to the University’s Office Furniture Standards

The following provides guidance on roles and responsibilities relating to instances where a request has been submitted by a department to refrain from using the University’s standard lines of office furniture and fixtures that are specified in the Steelcase "Columbia Line" Furniture contract.

MV-104 (Component of Columbia University accident reporting Procedures)

This form must be completed and submitted to Risk Mgmt when a motor vehicle, boat, or trailer is involved in an accident in New York State. If the accident involves an injury or property damage over $1,000, the completed form must also be sent to the NYS DMV.

Stop Payment Form (PAC)

Used to stop payment on a payroll check

Labor Accounting Form (PAC) - Salary Distribution & Additional Compensation

Used for PAC salary distribution and additional compensation payments for transactions that cannot be accomplished in system. View Instructions >>

PAC - Non-UNI Incident Form

To communicate with the PAC Service Desk (non UNI users).

Labor Accounting Form - Service Now Cost Transfers

Used for PAC cost transfer transactions that cannot be accomplished in system. (Used to be called the PAT form) View Instructions >>

Overpayment Recovery Form

To recover money paid out in error. 

Finance Service Center Request (for Vendors or Non Columbia Individuals w/o UNI)

Check status on an vendor set-ups, payment resolutions, tax issues for outside vendors or non-CU individuals or entities

AP Stop Payment

To stop a payment to a vendor or to request a check re-issuance.

AP Check Copy or ACH Verification

To receive a check copy or to verify ACH delivery of payment.

Finance Service Center Incident Request

GET HELP from the Finance Service Center - for internal customers.

PAC - Create a New Incident

To communicate with the PAC Service Desk.

Missing Receipts Worksheet

A supporting document for expenses where the receipt has been lost or mislaid.

Wire Transfer Template

Use this form to properly credit your bank account.

W-8 Form

Certificate of foreign status of beneficial owner for U.S. Tax withholding.

I-9 Form

Employment Eligibility Verification Form required by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

New Vehicle Acquisition

This form must be completed when a new motor vehicle, boat, or trailer is added to the Columbia University inventory through purchase, lease, or other transfer. (You do not need to request a Vehicle Insurance ID card)

W-9 Form

Request for taxpayer identification number and certificate

IT-2104 Form

NYC & NYS long form Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate

Duplicate Vehicle Insurance ID Card Request

Complete this form to request a lost or damaged proof of insurance for a motor vehicle, boat, or trailer