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Requisition Summary Form


Petty Cash Custodian Consent Form

Request for a New Petty Cash Fund

Salary Pay Advance Form

Vacation Pay Advance Form

Service Provider Agreement 1MGL 5MPL

Service Provider Agreement with $5M PL insurance - for use on Employee Benefits services

IRS Form 8233

Exemption from withholding on compensation for independent personal services of a non-resident alien

Certificate of Insurance (Sample)

Insurance is a contractual requirement, it is not needed for Scope of Work only requisitions.

Project Proposal Form (XLS)
Central HR Forms

To CU HR Forms Library

Property Loss/Damage Claim Report

Use this form to first report potential or actual loss or damage to University-owned property.

Request for Proposal Template (RFP #1)
W-2 Form

To print or view W-2 Information in PAC Self Service (my.columbia portal).

Facilities Vendor Questionnaire

Vendor information questionnaire.

Service Provider Agreement 1MGL 3MPL

Service Provider Agreement with $3M PL insurance - for locum tanans

Service Provider Agreement (Consultants) with no insurance

Agreement for services - used when no specific insurance is required per RM policy

Laser Registration Form (EH&S)
Foreign Check Log

Log for foreign checks to be submitted to the Treasury

Service provider Agreement with $5M PL and $5M Crime insurance

Service provider agreement with enhanced PL and Crimie insurance provisions - for use with suppliers handling money (e.g., fundraisers)

Bid Summary Form (Facilities only)
Stop Payment to Vendor (AP)

To stop a payment to a Procurement vendor.

Service Provider Amendment

Contract Amendment Template