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Wire Transfer Template

Form used for authorizing bank account information in order to transfer funds via wire transfer. 

Wire Request

For requesting a Wire Request form.  (Same form as Check Request.)

Vendor Payee/Request Web Form

Use this form to request a new vendor or modify/validate an existing Procurement vendor. Vendors should also use this form to modify their own information. Employees can use this form to request or modify reimbursement direct deposit information.

Unclaimed Property Funds Transfer Request

Unclaimed Property Office (UPO) is able to return funds that no longer represent outstanding liabilities to the originating department.

Travel Advance forms

Paper form no longer being used. For submitting a travel advance form, please use the Check Request form to enter your information.

Travel & Business Report Form (TBER) and Workbook (2019)

Use this TBER form for 2019 reimbursement travel related business expenses or misc. business expenses.

Travel & Business Report Form (TBER) / Workbook (2020)

Use this TBER form for 2020 reimbursement travel related business expenses or misc. business expenses.

Supplemental Approval Form for Travel & Business (prior to May 2019)

A manual form to use for Supplemental Approval (for travel and business expenses prior to May 1, 2019.)

Supplemental Approval Form for Travel & Business

A manual form to use for Supplemental Approval.

Stop Payment to Vendor (AP)

To stop a payment to a Procurement vendor.

Rush Request

Request form for approval of an Accounts Payable rush voucher payment.

Policy Exception or Adjustment Request

May be used for documenting your request for a one time policy exception or a continuing policy adjustment.

Petty Cash Reconciliation Form

For periodic reconciliation of petty cash account amount totals

Petty Cash Receipts Summary Form (for Human Subjects research)

A receipts log required to process human subject research payments and reimbursements

Petty Cash Receipts Summary Form

A receipts log required to process petty cash reimbursement and replenishment

Non-Employee Expense Worksheet

For entering expenses for non-employees. 

Missing Receipts Worksheet

A supporting document for expenses where the receipt has been lost or mislaid.

Identity Theft Prevention Program Initial Red Flag Incident Report

As part of the University wide Identity Theft Prevention program, this form is required for anyone seeking to report a Red Flags. The form should be used by anyone at the University in a position to identify, detect, and respond to patterns, practices, or specific activities that could indicate identity theft, including:

  • All employees who work with personally identifying information and have access to “covered accounts”
  • Student Enrollment staff
  • CUMC Privacy Officer and staff
  • Human Resources staff
  • Staff with covered accounts related to Real Estate or Facilities
  • Staff with oversight of Service Providers
  • Deans, Department Chairs, Directors of Institutes, Centers, and other University units
  • Departmental Administrators and other Departmental staff
  • Office of the General Counsel staff
  • Office of Executive Vice President For Finance Organization
I-9 Form

Employment Eligibility Verification Form required by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Fly America Exception Form

When a traveler uses a non-U.S. flag air carrier for travel to be charged to a federal award(s), this form documents the exception and is to be completed and approved by the Department's Travel Approver in the respective School or Department and submitted with the request for reimbursement. (Please see the "Fly America Act" Policy for more information)