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CORE Reconciliation Template

Financial reconcilation template used for confirming final project expenditures.

Cost Transfer Documentation Template

To assist departments in meeting documentation requirements for cost transfers.

Equipment Inventory Adjustment (EIA) Form

Report transfer/disposal of equipment

Finance Service Center Incident Request

GET HELP from the Finance Service Center - for internal customers.

Finance Systems Security Application

To request access to Accounting and Reporting at Columbia (ARC), Financial Data Store (FDS) reporting and ARC reporting as well as other related Columbia financial systems including FFE modules. 

Financial Inquiry Application

The FIA is a shorter alternative to the Financial Systems Security Application (FSSA) and offers users a faster and easier way to apply for inquiry only access or to change ChartField reporting access.  An ideal form for Faculty or PIs requiring only limited review of their financial data.  Note: Users do not need to fill out both an FSSA and an FIA - all reporting inquiry roles can be applied for on the FSSA.

Fly America Exception Form

When a traveler uses a non-U.S. flag air carrier for travel to be charged to a federal award(s), this form documents the exception and is to be completed and approved by the Department's Travel Approver in the respective School or Department and submitted with the request for reimbursement. (Please see the "Fly America Act" Policy for more information)

Identity Theft Prevention Program Initial Red Flag Incident Report

As part of the University wide Identity Theft Prevention program, this form is required for anyone seeking to report a Red Flags. The form should be used by anyone at the University in a position to identify, detect, and respond to patterns, practices, or specific activities that could indicate identity theft, including:

  • All employees who work with personally identifying information and have access to “covered accounts”
  • Student Enrollment staff
  • CUMC Privacy Officer and staff
  • Human Resources staff
  • Staff with covered accounts related to Real Estate or Facilities
  • Staff with oversight of Service Providers
  • Deans, Department Chairs, Directors of Institutes, Centers, and other University units
  • Departmental Administrators and other Departmental staff
  • Office of the General Counsel staff
  • Office of Executive Vice President For Finance Organization
Internal Transfer Justification Form

For Internal Transfers that require written justification.

PI Quarterly Review Documentation Template

To assist PI’s and Departments with the documentation of quarterly financial monitoring.

Rate Development and License Application

Service (Recharge) center rate documentation.

Rate Development and License Application (Multi)

Service (Recharge) center rate documentation.



Recharge Center License Application (IDI Restricted Funds License)

To be used for billing product/service provided to a Restricted Account

Subcontracting Plan Worksheet (XLS) 07/12/2016
Unrelated Business Income Questionnaire

This checklist is the first step in order to ascertain whether your area conducts any activities that may be considered taxable.