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Wire Transfer Template

Form used for authorizing bank account information in order to transfer funds via wire transfer. 

Wire Request

For requesting a Wire Request form.  (Same form as Check Request.)

Visiting Faculty (Academic Only)

For use when an academic is due to visit Columbia.

Vendor Payee/Request Web Form

Use this form to request a new vendor or modify/validate an existing Procurement vendor. Vendors should also use this form to modify their own information. Employees can use this form to request or modify reimbursement direct deposit information.

Unclaimed Property Funds Transfer Request

Unclaimed Property Office (UPO) is able to return funds that no longer represent outstanding liabilities to the originating department.

Travel Advance forms

Paper form no longer being used. For submitting a travel advance form, please use the Check Request form to enter your information.

Travel & Business Report Form (TBER) and Workbook (2017)

Use this TBER form for 2017 reimbursement travel related business expenses or misc. business expenses.

Travel & Business Report Form (TBER) / Workbook (2018)

Use this TBER form for 2018 reimbursement travel related business expenses or misc. business expenses.

Supplemental Approver Report 10/31/2013
Supplemental Approval Form for Travel & Business

A manual form to use for Supplemental Approval.

Subcontracting Plan Worksheet (XLS) 07/12/2016
Stop Payment to Vendor (AP)

To stop a payment to a Procurement vendor.

Staples Request Form

To request access to the Staples Advantage system for ordering office supplies. 

Sole / Single Source Form

Form for completing a Sole or Single Source justification for a requisition that is flagged with the Sole / Single Source flag. 

Services Compliance Checklist

Form to determine potential regulatory or other related University concerns based on data/information utilized by customers in conjunction with third party suppliers.

Service Provider Marketing Agreement

For use when using the following ARC Category Codes Advertising/Marketing, Marketing/Promotional Firm or Public Relations/Communications.

Service Provider Amendment

Contract Amendment Template

Service provider Agreement with $5M PL and $5M Crime insurance

Service provider agreement with enhanced PL and Crimie insurance provisions - for use with suppliers handling money (e.g., fundraisers)

Service Provider Agreement 1MGL 5MPL

Service Provider Agreement with $5M PL insurance - for use on Employee Benefits services

Service Provider Agreement 1MGL 3MPL

Service Provider Agreement with $3M PL insurance - for locum tanans