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Scope of Work (SOW)

Attachment I to Consultant Requisition

AP Payment Status & Remittance Tool

Check status on an AP payment, be it to outside vendors or an employee reimbursement.

Rush Request

Request form for approval of an Accounts Payable rush voucher payment.

EDM Upload Form (Procurement Documentation Application)

Use this web application for submitting Procurement documentation online for Purchasing, AP, and Vendor Management transactions.

Financial Inquiry Application

The FIA is a shorter alternative to the Financial Systems Security Application (FSSA) and offers users a faster and easier way to apply for inquiry only access or to change ChartField reporting access.  An ideal form for Faculty or PIs requiring only limited review of their financial data.  Note: Users do not need to fill out both an FSSA and an FIA - all reporting inquiry roles can be applied for on the FSSA.

Finance Systems Security Application

To request access to Accounting and Reporting at Columbia (ARC), Financial Data Store (FDS) reporting and ARC reporting as well as other related Columbia financial systems including FFE modules. 

Staples Request Form

To request access to the Staples Advantage system for ordering office supplies. 

Facilities Request for Resource Form

Used by Facilities employees seeking to source a supplier for a specific trade or to propose the review of a supplier to work for the University.

Check Pick-Up Special Handling Request Form

To be used to request to pick-up Accounts Payable checks (instead of them being sent in mail). Note: Only certain Senior Business Officers are able to approve this request form. For more information, view Check Pick-Up Policy and Procedures.

Subcontracting Plan Worksheet (XLS) 07/12/2016
Identity Theft Prevention Program Initial Red Flag Incident Report

As part of the University wide Identity Theft Prevention program, this form is required for anyone seeking to report a Red Flags. The form should be used by anyone at the University in a position to identify, detect, and respond to patterns, practices, or specific activities that could indicate identity theft, including:

  • All employees who work with personally identifying information and have access to “covered accounts”
  • Student Enrollment staff
  • CUMC Privacy Officer and staff
  • Human Resources staff
  • Staff with covered accounts related to Real Estate or Facilities
  • Staff with oversight of Service Providers
  • Deans, Department Chairs, Directors of Institutes, Centers, and other University units
  • Departmental Administrators and other Departmental staff
  • Office of the General Counsel staff
  • Office of Executive Vice President For Finance Organization
Service Provider Marketing Agreement

For use when using the following ARC Category Codes Advertising/Marketing, Marketing/Promotional Firm or Public Relations/Communications.

IT Service Provider Agreement (IT consulting, Software, Network Turnkey)

For use across a number of Service Provider/Consultant categories; including but limited to Software Development/Licensing (Customization of Commercial Package); Software Development (Database Design), Software Development (Code Writing) and IT Network development (Turnkey and Upgrade Services) when CGL and PL insurance is required.

Unclaimed Property Funds Transfer Request

Unclaimed Property Office (UPO) is able to return funds that no longer represent outstanding liabilities to the originating department.

Location Setup Request

ServiceNow form to change or update the Bill-To or Ship-To locations in ARC

Executive Recruiter Agreement (Executive Search Firm - Retained)

For use when engaging an Executive Search Firm - Retained.

Service Provider Agreement (Consultants) with 1M CGL insurance

For use across a number of Service Provider/Consultant categories; including but limited to Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services; Database Analysis; General Research and Medical/Dental Services (Research Support only).

Competitive Sourcing Price Summary – Non-Sponsored

This form is used to outline various suppliers and their competitive quotes/proposals when the non-sponsored transaction value is >$10,000.

RFP Template

Form to be used in conjunction with a formal RFP process.

Bid Award Letter Template

Document provided to supplier that has been engaged through a formal RFP process.