Know Before You Go


ISOS is not health insurance; it is a travel assistance program. All travelers must maintain personal health insurance and determine prior to traveling how their health insurance program applies to international medical care. If you are traveling on Columbia University business, prior to your departure please log your itinerary into International SOS's "Personal Travel Locator" system, a web-based travel registry that will facilitate your support in the case of an emergency. Through the "Emergency Record System," you can safely and privately upload any relevant medical records to the International SOS Alarm Center. This system is accessible only to ISOS's medical staff, who will use information you provide to help you obtain appropriate medical care overseas.


The Personal Travel Locator, Emergency Record System, and location information are available from the Columbia University-ISOS website using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or 7 (or Internet Explorer 8 in compatability mode). You can view the this website with most internet browsers; however, you will only be able to enter information using Microsoft Internet Explorer.


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