Vendor/Payee Create Process

  1. Department uses the Vendor/Payee Request Web Form to see if profile already exists.  If a profile does not exist for the vendor you want to create a requisition for, one must be created. See #3 below.
  2. Are you a Columbia vendor?  Use this form to make any modifications to your information. (Note: Only current Vendors in our system are able to make modifications. If you are looking to add yourself to our system, please contact the Department that is requesting your services so that they may initiate the process.)
  3. Department submits request to create new profile through Vendor/Payee Request Web Form if the vendor is not found through the search in step #1 above.
  4. Vendor is contacted by Vendor Management
  5. Vendor completes online questionnaire (Department can complete for non-vendor payee)
  6. Vendor or payee completes, signs and submits tax form (W9, W8, 8233). Upload completed form at the following link.
  7. Vendor Management validates information
  8. Vendor Management follows up with vendor/payee to resolve any questions or missing information
  9. Vendor Management approves profile, enters profile into ARC
  10. Department requester is notified that profile is ready for use