Vehicle Acquisition, Operation & Disposal at Columbia University


Vehicle Policies


The complete Vehicle Acquisition, Operation & Disposal Policy is published in the Administrative Policy Library. All forms relating to acquisition, operation, disposal, and vehicle-related reporting can be found at the link below. The individual department, school, or division entrusted with the care of a University vehicle has ultimate responsibility for that asset.


Please note:

  • •   A University vehicle must be operated in a safe and legal manner, kept in a state of good repair, and comply with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations at all times.
  • •   The Insurance and Risk Management Department holds all original titles for Columbia University owned vehicles.
  • •   Departments should notify Risk Management of imminent vehicle acquisition when the Columbia purchase order is approved; however, it is preferable to discuss vehicle purchases with Risk Management prior to Purchasing Department approval.     Do not wait until the vehicle is delivered to speak with Risk Management.
  • •   Vehicles being removed from the University fleet should be reported to Risk Management prior to disposal, sale, lease termination. Do not wait until the vehicle is sold to speak with Risk Management.
  • •   All University vehicles are required to carry a minimum level of insurance coverage. Vehicle insurance is managed by and billed through the Insurance and Risk Management Department; insurance costs and any applicable deductibles are passed on to the department operating the vehicle.
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