Columbia's Name and Brand

The use of Columbia University’s name or brand (or those of its schools, colleges, centers, or programs) in other countries warrants important considerations, including potential legal and tax implications.

Please consult with the Office of the General Counsel and the Office of Communications and Public Affairs prior to using any Columbia University name and/or logo in association with an overseas project. Examples of such uses include promotional materials, stationery with a foreign address, identification of local office space, and the granting of use to a third party.

→ Official logos and style guidelines for Columbia University’s communications are available at CU’s Web & Identity Guidelines

→ Columbia’s name and reputation are assets of both academic and economic value. The University, therefore, has a compelling interest in ensuring that its name; insignias, such as the Columbia Crown and Columbia Shield; and the emblems of individual schools are used in a manner that furthers its mission and is consistent with its institutional interests.

→ No officer should use the official title of the University, or any of its parts, except in connection with legitimate University purposes.

→ The name of the University, its insignias, and the emblems of its schools may not be used to advertise or recommend commercial products and services, to promote the activities of outside organizations, or to further social or political causes.

Exceptions require the prior approval of the Provost. These policies also apply to the use of the University name and insignias in any electronic media, including Internet addresses, web sites, and domain names. In connection with their outside activities, faculty and other officers may identify themselves as holding appointments at Columbia by listing their University titles. They should, however, be careful not to imply that the University supports, sponsors, or endorses those activities.

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