Project Information Notification (PIN)

After a Project has been created, a PIN (Project Information Notification) Report will be made available for the responsible Departments and Team Members to access. The PIN is generated in ARC and details all Project and Activity attributes for all Project Types, such as Description, Owning Department, and Team.


SPA will continue to notify Departments when there is a significant change to attributes on the Project or Activity. The PIN Report is replacing the FFE Account Inquiry Report and Sponsored Project Budget Authorization (SPBA) Report.

  1. The Project Business Unit – The “PC BU” is the broad category of Project Type, and is either General, Sponsored, or Capital
  2. The Project ID – The “Project ID” is an 8-digit project identifier that is developed based on the Project Range
  3. The Project Start/End Dates – The “Project Start/End Dates” indicate when a Project begins and ends
  4. The Project Fund – The “Project Fund” is used to capture funding sources by high level category
  5. The Project Type – The “Project Type” is an attribute which further defines the Fund ChartField and is used primarily for reporting
  6. The Project Role and Project Manager – The “Project Role” indicates the person responsible for the Project or Activity. If there is a ‘Y’ in the “Project Manager” field , this indicates the person is the Project Manager

Directions for running the PIN are in the Creating and Maintaining Non- Sponsored Projects course within the Project Costing curriculum.