UAH Accounting

How UAH Accounting works with University Apartment Housing, which is now part of Columbia University Facilities.

Your housing application (through an assignment process) is handled by UAH (Morningside campus) or OHS (Medical Center campus).  Residential leased tenant information is then forwarded to the Controller’s Office for monthly billing, collection and maintenance of tenant rent account as well as security deposit processing and maintenance.

For more information on Morningside campus accomodations, see University Apartment Housing.  For further information on Medical Center accomodations, see Office of Housing Services.


Payments issued by the tenant of record (lease holder)

All payments must be issued by the tenant of record.  Payments received that are not issued by the leaseholder will be returned to the tenant with a letter of explanation and a reply envelope.  Issuance of payment by the tenant of record is then expected.  Payments must be made in the form of personal check, money order, traveler's check, or bank check.  We do not accept credit or debit cards. 


Notification of how rent is due by 1st of the month

All billing statements will read that rent is due on the first of the month. Please note that payments received after the 10th may not be reflected on the next billing statement.


Generation and distribution of rent bills

Rent bills are generated on the third Thursday of each month for the following month.  Rent statements are delivered by building personnel either under the apartment door or in memo boxes inside the lobby prior to the first of the month.

Request for address change are honored by approved leave of absence or during University holiday. Request should be faxed to 212-854-1017 or 212-854-1019 or emailed to


How rent payments and account adjustments are processed

Rent payments issued by the tenant of record are processed and deposited within 24 hours of receipt. Any adjustments to tenant accounts must first be approved by University Apartment Housing or Facilities Residential Operations on Morningside Campus.  For Medical Center tenants, any account adjustments must be approved by the Office of Housing Services.


Tenant security deposits

Security deposits equal to one month’s rent are due on time of move in.  The security deposit is held by the University designated bank and can not be accessed until the tenant vacates following University procedures, which includes returning all keys and having the apartment inspected for damages.   

Interest payments are sent out to the apartment address on an annual basis.  A 1099 will be issued for any interest income.

A security deposit is not your last month rent payment. It is the policy of Columbia University that rent must be paid through the day of vacancy.

Refunds take up to 60 days to process.

Questions regarding security deposits should be addressed to UAH Accounting at 212-854-1026 or by email to


Lease renewals

Most student leases will expire on May 31st.  Lease renewals will be mailed in spring for the following leasing period provided that you continue to remain eligible for housing and have complied with terms of the current lease. 


Medical Center campus post doc and faculty leases expire on June 30th each year and are renewed on July 1st for a 12 month period. 

Morningside campus renews employee and faculty leases for a 12 month period from start of the initial leasing period. 

If at any time you cease to be affiliated with Columbia University, you must vacate.



In accordance with the terms of your lease, near completion of your lease or expiration of your affiliation, you must notify the Office of University Apartment Housing in writing 30 days prior to vacating by completing a "Notice of Vacancy" form.

To coordinate a move out time, contact building personnel.

All keys must be returned to building personnel on the day you vacate.

Your apartment must be clean and cleared of all personal items.

Failure to follow University vacancy procedures will result in continued liability of rent and/or forfeiting of part or all of your security deposit.

Questions should be addressed to the Office of University Apartment Housing at 212-854-9300 or Office of Housing Services at 212-304-7000.


Delinquency procedures

Failure to make rent payments will result in collection efforts via e-mail, letter, and telephone. If necessary, legal action may be taken as provided by law.

Questions regarding billing should be addressed to UAH Accounting at 212-854-1077 or by email to


Rental Verifications and Reference Letters

Rental verifications and reference letters are only provided to the tenant of record or through a release document which the tenant must sign for a prospective landlord or Financial/Mortgage Institution.

Questions regarding rental verifications and reference letters should be addressed to Institutional Real Estate Accounting at 212-854-1026 or


Move out procedures for impending graduates

Graduating tenants must vacate on the last day of the month they graduate.  Follow the vacating procedures on the respective websites for University Apartment Housing or Office of Housing Services

Failure to follow University’s vacancy procedures will result in continued liability of rent and/or forfeiting part or all of security deposit.

Questions should be addressed to the Office of University Apartment Housing at 212-854-9300 or Office of Housing Services at 212-304-7000.


Rent statements

A rent statement is produced every month with a reply envelope.  The statement is perforated. The pink portion goes in the reply envelope with your payment. Keep the white portion for your records.