Types of Reports

As part of your school or department requirements, you may be required to perform various weekly, monthly and quarterly financial reviews in relation to fiscal year progress.

There are several types of reports to access, analyze and monitor financial data:

FDS Reports

FDS (Financial Data Store) reports can be run using a variety of parameters and can handle most of your reporting needs.

ARC Queries

Queries are good for researching small data sets or reviewing the same data on a regular basis.

ARC Inquiries

Inquiries view real time transactional data and are run from individual ARC modules.

ARC Reports

The PIN Report (Project Information Notification) details in real time Project and Activity attributes.

Advanced Reporting Tools

Certain departmental users may be given access to the self-service reporting function in FDS as well as Advanced ARC reporting tools - special knowledge and certification may be required.

Integrating Systems Reports

Integrating Systems Reports include non-ARC reporting options from the Budget Tool, Cash Module and FFE Time Entry system, as well as Data Warehouse and People@Columbia reporting options. 

Legacy Systems Reports

Legacy Systems offer historical (pre-ARC) transaction data prior to July 2012 (pre-July 2012 summary data is available in FDS).

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For a full list of available reports please refer to Job Aid: Reporting Inventory - All.


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