Travel and Business Expense (TBER) Info

The Travel and Business Expense Information section highlights the circumstances under which a faculty or staff member can be reimbursed for travel or business expenses incurred on behalf of the University.  Click here to view.


Columbia University faculty, staff, and students routinely incur business and/or travel expenses on behalf of the University or in support of sponsored research activities. The University reimburses legitimate expenses that conform to federal and state law and the restrictions placed upon sponsored projects. In order to provide this reimbursement, the University requires University employees to complete and submit an approved Travel and Business Expense report that documents the business purpose of the expenses incurred.

The primary components of the information relate to the reimbursement of travel and business expenses including:

• Local travel in and outside of New York City

• Meals

• Entertainment

• Gifts

• Memberships

• Relocation Expenses

Global Support

See our Global Support site for helpful information on administrative matters related to Columbia University’s work outside the U.S.

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