Transfer Salary Costs

Salary Cost Transfers:

Please note that requests to transfer salary costs over 90 days old onto sponsored projects accounts will only be approved in unusual or exceptional circumstances (e.g., delay in account create due to late notification by sponsoring agency). “Administrative error” or “no Department Administrator”, are not acceptable reasons for approving a salary transfer request.


As per CU policy, all cost transfers must be supported by appropriate documentation.  Documentation must be retained by the department, and made available in the event of an audit or review.


Below is an excerpt from our cost transfer policy detailing acceptable forms of documentation along with the requirements for justification comments:

The following list of examples illustrates acceptable forms of documentation for salary cost transfers:
  • • Completed Cost Transfer Documentation Template (see Appendix A) including a robust description of why the transaction was initiated
  • • Email communications from Principal Investigators documenting the request for salary distribution updates
  • • Notes documenting discussions/adjustments identified as part of the quarterly review of grant expenditures with the Principal Investigator (see Appendix B)
  • • Written comments or email communications from the Principal Investigator included with the quarterly review certification
  • • Notes documenting discussions with the Principal Investigator
  • • Email communication between departmental administrators documenting effort allocations on grants owned by another department, presumes detail support related to PI authorization exists with the originating department
The following provides additional guidance as to information the justifications included in PAC must contain:
  • • For transactions to clear suspense: indicate grant to which effort is being allocated and the reason why amounts were posted to suspense. For example:
    • o To clear suspense due to a delay in the [set-up, receipt of award notification, receipt of no-cost extension, etc.] related to project GGXXXX. PIN Notification received on XX.  Distribution approved by PI XXXX [via email/meeting] on YY Date.
  • • For transactions to adjust effort: indicated the project for which the effort is being adjusted, the reason for the adjustment and who approved the adjustment. For example:
    • o To adjust effort on project GGXXXX to reflect [actual effort, updated distribution due to receipt/termination of project GGXXXX] as approved by PI XXXX [via email/meeting] on YY Date.
For more information please contact: Kristi Bazata (212) 854-1018, or email .