Purchasing Guide Details

Training/Exec. Coaching(On-Site) - non-CU curriculum

Education and Training Services (Classes, Seminars, Workshops, Coaching)

Best purchasing method: Purchase Order, with Scope of Work

ARC Category Code:  86000000 (Education and Training Services)


Required Documentation

If the vendor is an Individual/Sole Proprietor, then an Independent Contractor Certification (click here to obtain) is required each time they are engaged.

If the training or coaching involves physical touching of participants or if the training involves minors, and will be conducted on CU premises, a Certificate of Insurance (COI) is required.


  • Individual/Sole Proprietor: Resume; Client List (if not able to provide, we require an email from the Department stating the reason).
  • Company: Company brochure; Client List


Team Leader

Ken Campbell



Required Service Agreement Type