In the case of a stolen vehicle or license plates, notice must be given to the Insurance and Risk Management Department within 24 hours of discovery.  It is the department’s responsibility to report the incident to the police department and Columbia's Public Safety Department.  A copy of the police report and incident report must be forwarded to Risk Management in a timely manner.  Contact us by fax (212) 854-9709 or by email


The University's Property Loss/Damage Claim Reporting & Reimbursement Policy provisions apply to any University property that may be lost or damaged while in a University owned or leased vehicle.  The complete policy can be found here.  Valuable property should never be left in an unattended University vehicle.  NOTE: Personal property is not eligible for reimbursement in the event of loss/damage. 


Report theft to Police immediately and to Risk Management within 24 hours of discovery.