Information Technology and Travel

Keeping in mind that technology will make you a more valuable target to thieves and given the difficulties that international travel could pose, it is advisable that you only travel with technology that will be needed for your trip.

Once you know which devices you will be bringing with you, remember that mobile telephones, computers and other electronic devices don’t work the same everywhere. Before leaving the United States, travelers should review the following technology-related information on: power supplies, telephones (including apps), computers, and connecting to Columbia. Also, remember that group travel leads, University unit staff in the host country and others directly involved in a particular international activity are the best source of information and advise for a particular location.

In addition, citizens and permanent residents of the United States who travel outside of the U.S. to work in a host country office or elsewhere in that country should also be aware that their laptops, mobile phones, and other electronic devices, that they bring with them, are subject to U.S. export controls.

For additional details, go to U.S. Export Controls, under Legal and Regulatory Compliance.

Faculty and Staff

If you foresee needing to purchase IT equipment while traveling internationally, review the Procurement section within of the Information Technology page from Working Globally.

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