Step 2: Adding Basic Page Content into the Template

Now you can start to build out the lifecycle.


10. Go to "Add content"

11. Select "Lifecycle template page" or "Basic Page"

12. Give it the title you would like for that step of the lifecycle.

13. Skip the space to assign department.

14. Add your content

15. Click on "provide menu link"

16. IMPORTANT: the link that you select should be for "How to Create a Lifecycle Page(disabled)" aka the "parent" page.  DO NOT select main department page. Creating a lifecycle is all about creating "child" pages that are linked to a "parent" page, which in this case is the Lifecycle template page.

17. Weight: select the weight of the page--the higher the number, the further down (or to the right) the page will appear. "How to Create a Lifecycle Page" will be 0. Your first child page should be set to 1, and so on.

18. Each "step" is created the same way: start with a basic page and link it to the child page, not the department page.

19: Note: You should use the WYSIWYG tool to add content, upload files (via link icon) or create links, to add tables or change text headings.