SRI -- Political Contributions



We support:
• Proposals that request more transparent and accountable reporting of political contributions, policies, procedures, and lobbying activities.
• Proposals promoting full disclosure of contributions, the policies governing them, and the identifications of persons deciding on the contributions.
• Proposals disclosing payments, services, and “soft money” contributions (i.e. funds that are not given directly to candidates, but to political parties for “party-building” activities) to trade organizations and other third-party groups, (including but not limited to PACs, 501(c) 3s and 527s).
• Proposals calling for transparency in political spending.
We do not support:
• Proposals requesting companies not to make political contributions.
• Proposals that force companies to distribute information to newspapers and public media, as such publications could present significant costs to the company without providing commensurate value to the shareholders.
• Proposals asking companies to contribute politically in a nonpartisan fashion. In the interest of practicality it is not in the best interest of shareholders to make these demands.
• Proposals that request that companies provide lists of executives, directors, consultants, lobbyists, lawyers, or investment bankers who have served in any governmental capacity beyond regular reporting guidelines and company policies.
• Proposals that request disclosure or identification of individuals.