SRI--Health and Safety

We support:

•   Proposals asking for the release of patents on prescription drugs to make them available at
a lower price in generic form.

•   Proposals asking disclosure on the financial and legal impact of their policies regarding
prescription drug information, unless such information is already publicly disclosed.

•    Proposals that call for transparency in pharmaceutical promotion. This includes
promotional activities; i.e., the disclosure of endorsement benefits and incentives given
to physicians.

•    Proposals calling for affordable healthcare for employees and their dependents.

We do not support:

•   Proposals requesting the adoption of principles for health care reform as they put an unfair
burden on the companies and ask them to take arbitrary stance on universal healthcare, a
public policy issue.

•   Proposals that attribute major health concerns to a specific product when scientific evidence
is not available or circumstantial.

Product Safety

We support:

•   Proposals that ask for reporting on the use of known toxic chemicals in product production,
packaging, and ingredients.

•   Proposals that call for the disclosure of expenditures on lobbying and other activities to
prevent the regulation of suspected toxins that are as of yet unregulated.

•   Proposals that companies publish reports on policies regarding nanomaterial product safety
and the identification of product categories that contain nanomaterials.

Occupational Safety

We support:

•   Proposals that call for companies to provide employees with above minimum legal
workplace safety. For US companies, compliance needs to be beyond the minimum set by
the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (

•   Proposals that call for companies to prevent harm inflicted on employees by chemicals and
modern appliances in the workplace.

•   Proposals that call for companies to promote mental health in the workplace in terms of
working hours, and the encouragement of emotionally safe environment.

International Production

We support:

•   Proposals that ask for companies to report on country and region selection criteria for
production facilities.

•   Proposals that call for reporting on compliance with domestic and international labor, health
and safety standards and regulations. The reporting should include any third party auditing
reports, records of violations and improvement strategies.

Community Hazards

We support:

•   Proposals that ask for companies to report on their oversight of the community health effects
of their production operations.

•   Proposals calling for reporting of placement of production facilities and their related health

Access to Water

We support:

•   Proposals calling for disclosure or reporting on effects of water usage in production on local
water supply and community health.