Climate Change
We support:
• Proposals asking for reporting on companies’ climate change impact and climate-related risks and opportunities. However, we tend to vote against proposals that request reports on global climate change in general or the science of climate change, as there is already substantial research on these issues.
We support:
• Proposals seeking greater disclosure of the company’s environmental practices, and/or material environmental risks and liabilities.
• Proposals calling for reasonable steps to reduce companies’ negative environmental impact, including any threats to biodiversity in ecologically sensitive areas.
• Proposals requesting that companies with oil sand operations review the environmental impact of said operations.
We support:
• Proposals asking for the development of renewable energy
• Proposals requesting reports on the development of renewable energy
Genetic Engineering
We do not support:
• Proposals that request public reports and research on the safety of genetically modified organisms beyond what is regulated by USDA, FDA, and EPA
• Proposals that request that independent committees of the board review company policy and procedures for monitoring the safety of genetically engineered products.
Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions
We support:
• Proposals calling for reporting on GHG emissions, unless companies are already reporting on GHG emissions.
• Proposals that request that companies set or adopt GHG quantitative goals based on current technologies for reducing GHG emissions from the firm’s products and
We do not support:
• Proposals that call for reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by specific amounts or within a specific time frame, unless:
− The company lags behind industry standards.
− The company has been the subject of recent, significant violations, fines, litigation, or controversy related to greenhouse gas emissions.
We support:
• Proposals requesting greater reporting of sustainability practices related to social, economic, and environmental sustainability, unless companies are already publishing reports that reference Global Reporting Initiative (, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), Environmental, Health & Safety reports, Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures or other industry-recognized reporting standards.
Waste Management/Recycling
We support:
• Proposals that request that the company review and report on the efficacy of waste management and recycling programs including any published strategies and goals related to internal company operations, supply chain operations, and consumer post consumption behavior. However, the committee recognizes the difficulty of controlling the public’s recycling behavior and does not expect any company to be fully responsible for quantitative benchmarks in these cases.