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SPF, which includes RPIC, oversees University policies and Federal regulations that govern the post-award financial administration of sponsored programs, and also provides principal investigators and their administrators with financial support services including:


•  Submission of financial status reports to sponsors.

•  Billing of sponsors.

•  Collection of payments from sponsors

•  Application of cash to projects upon receipt.


With many millions of dollars in sponsored projects (most of which is provided by Federal sponsors such as the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation), the risk of a disallowance of even a small portion of those funds would have a significant impact on the financial well-being of the University. SPF maintains close collaboration with principal investigators and their delegates to help ensure that funds received are utilized in accordance with Federal regulations, University policies, and the sponsor’s terms and conditions.


SPF / RPIC's Mission Statement

“Providing policy guidance on and services for the post-award administration of sponsored programs commensurate with the needs of a top tier and global research University.”



•  Facilitating compliance with both sponsor and University policies related to the post-award administration of sponsored programs.

•  Developing and maintaining relationships with sponsoring agency officials on matters related to the administration of sponsored programs.

•  Facilitating compliance with relevant OMB Circulars, for example by reviewing and approving cost transfers over 90 days.

•  Providing efficient and effective post-award accounting services to faculty and administrators, including the review and approval of non-salary cost transfers over 90 days and the closeout of projects.

•  Overseeing all training and education to the University community related to the management of sponsored programs including effort certification.

•  Assisting with all audits of sponsored programs.






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