SpeedChart Overview

If there are certain ChartStrings you use frequently, you can create a SpeedChart to decrease time entering distribution information on a Voucher and/or Requisition. For additional guidance on how to enter SpeedCharts, please refer to the Creating and Using SpeedCharts Job Aid that is posted here.

SpeedCharts cannot be deleted but can be made inactive by navigating to the SpeedChart using the “Find an Existing Value” tab and searching for the SpeedChart key. Once on the SpeedChart page, you can change the status to “Inactive”. You can also change the SpeedChart from this page and edit everything minus the SpeedChart key.


Naming Conventions

Procurement Services has developed a standard University naming convention for all ARC SpeedCharts related to purchases through Staples, PSS, Nextsource and P-Card. For instance, when setting up SpeedCharts in ARC for Staples, the SpeedChart may contain up to 10 characters, and it is recommended that you begin these SpeedCharts with the prefix “STP” for reference (e.g. STP_######)  Learn more about naming conventions >


For Staples Advantage Transactions

SpeedChart are required for Staples Advantage transactions, please request using the Financial Systems Security Application (FSSA), adding SpeedCharts for Staples transactions. When entering an order for Staples, only one speedchart can be used to process the entire order. Staples operates on the header level for accounts as opposed to ARC that operates at the line level.  This aligns with the process before ARC when only one FAS number could be used to process an order.  To differentiate transactions by SpeedChart, you would need to submit separate transactions for differing commodities.

Why can I only see a SpeedChart and not the full ChartString when reviewing Staples transactions?  Staples is not able to receive and/or process the entire ARC ChartString.  Their system is only able to use a SpeedChart.

See the Staples Advantage Setup QuickGuide for instructions on how to set up your account and profile.


For P-Card Transactions

If you want to review the SpeedCharts assigned to the profiles of P-Card Reconcilers and Approvers for my department(s), please contact a P-Card Administrator or the P-Card team.


Are SpeedCharts and Combo Codes the same thing?

No.  They are similar PeopleSoft concepts but are used in separate systems.  A SpeedChart is used as an alpha-numeric shortcut for a full ChartString.  They are used in ARC to decrease time entering distribution information for Procurement Transactions (e.g. Vouchers and/or Requisitions).  Combo Codes are also alpha-numeric shortcuts for a full ChartString.  However they are used in PAC/LA to decrease time entering distribution information.  Additionally, there are certain instances where the PAC/LA system can ONLY receive Combo Codes.

Making Available for Other Users

You whether a SpeedChart can be publicly accessed by other users or limited to one user.  Refer to the Creating and Using SpeedCharts Job Aid for details.