Purchasing Guide Details

Software Licensing (Off the Shelf)


Best purchasing method: Purchase Order or P-Card (under $2,500.00)

ARC Category Code:  43230000 (Software)


This category is for software being purchased with 'click to accept' terms or what is also know as 'off the shelf'.


If a software license requires an authorized person to sign a contract, you must process this purchase and contract through Central Purchasing using a via a purchase order.


All vendor contracts need to be reviewed and authorized by Central Purchasing. Obtain a word version of the vendor's contract and forward it to Purchasing as soon as possible in the process.  Allow time for review and negotiation of the contract terms.


The other related Product/Services are as follows: Software Development/Licensing (Customization of Commercial Package), Software Development (Code Writing) and Software Development (Database Design).


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Ken Campbell