Rush Payments

When urgent circumstances require a check to be issued within 48 hours, a department may request a rush payment by using the AP Payment Rush Request Form. This request must be approved by Accounts Payable.

Rush requests impede the normal flow of payment processing, as these payments are pushed ahead of other work properly submitted in the queue. In order to maintain appropriate processing times, Rush requests are evaluated to verify that immediate payment is necessary.

All Rush requests must be submitted by completing the information below including a detailed reason requiring for rush payment. Rush requests are approved for circumstances deemed unavoidable or unforeseen that include:
Prizes & awards
Travel advances
Real estate purchase transactions
US postage
Legal settlements/actions
Service interruptions pending receipt of payment
Visa application fees
Remember, if a payment is not entered and approved in a timely fashion by your department, this alone does not constitute an appropriate reason for a rush payment. Please regularly monitor your queue in AP/CAR to follow up on accepted vouchers where the paperwork has not yet been received by AP or has been placed on hold or rejected in order to prevent the need to rush these payments.
In order to be included in the current day's requests, the completed form must be received in AP by 12:00 p.m. An Accounts Payable representative will notify you if the request has been approved or denied and advise you of any additional steps required to complete the request.
All approved requests will have a check cut within 24-48 hours.
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