Reporting Roles in ARC

To be able to view reports in ARC, you will need to have either of the following two roles:

  • Financials Online Inquiry
  • Procurement Inquiry

To request access for either of these roles, please complete the Financial Systems Security Application or the Financial Inquiry Application.  For guidance, please refer to the Financial Systems Security Application Information page.

Web-based training material associated with the above roles can be viewed in the Training Catalog (filter your search by the Training Subject "Reporting" and Training Type "Web-Based").

All users requesting these roles will need to complete web-based training along with a related training acknowledgement.   For more info, see the Required Trainings by Role Chart.


Please note: There are advanced reporting roles for those users who have a need and ability to write their own queries.  These are special roles that can be requested via the Financial Systems Security Application.  For PS Query Self Service reporting, please see the CUIT Advanced FDS Reporting sign-up page.


For more detailed information, see the Reporting Basics website.