Look Up a Remittance

If a vendor/payee payment is not outstanding, but there are questions about payment details, what invoices to apply the payment, or confirmation of a payment that has been generated but not received, use the AP Payment Status & Remittance tool.  Click the following button to get started:

Using the tool:

  • Select the "Remittance" tab at the top of the tool.
  • Dates: The date of a payment is the date the payment process was run by Accounts Payable.  Checks are mailed out the following day through the US Postal Service and, depending on address, can take several days to arrive.  Depending on the recipient bank account, ACH/direct deposit payments can take several days to be recorded in a vendor/payee bank account.
  • ACH format: Vendors with company bank accounts are eligible to receive the information on their ACH payment in a CTX format.  This format provides additional detail on the ACH transmission.  The bank that manages the account should be able to provide details.  Please note: the CTX format is not available for personal accounts.


Still have questions?  Please contact the Finance Service Center.