Products that require receiving in accordance with University policy and through the University’s financial system must be received within ARC upon delivery.  This receiving process is required to release payment and reconcile the PO.  The list of products that require receiving and the respective special exception procedures for each category can be found in Appendix I of the University’s Receiving Policy.


The Receiving Policy provides general receiving guidelines to conform to good business processes.  Key points for receiving tangible products are:

• Whenever possible, have the person receiving the product sign the receiving documents provided by the supplier or shipping company

• Inspect the delivery first, comparing the supplier’s packing list to the PO and/or vendor’s quote

• Sign the delivery receipt, initial the packing list, and retain copies; if no packing list is provided, contact the supplier to request a copy

• Refuse to accept shipments if unable to confirm that the order was placed by the CUMC unit or if the packaging appears sufficiently damaged to warrant concern

• Notify CU Purchasing if suppliers have substituted products ordered without prior written approval from the University; do not permit suppliers to deliver more than the amount ordered without a written amendment to the PO

• Notify the supplier in writing of any failed inspection results discovered during inspection and provide the results to the supplier and CU Purchasing for appropriate action

• Prior to approving payments to suppliers when leasing capital equipment and for other complex, expensive procurements, test to ensure that the products substantially conform to the specifications documented in the PO, contract, or supplier’s proposal; acknowledge acceptance of products by issuing a written notice of successful acceptance to the supplier and send a copy to CU Purchasing

• When a product is damaged or is rejected for failing acceptance testing or is not as specified on the PO, request a Return Authorization (RA) number from the supplier


The process for accepting services is in principle the same as the process for tangible products.  Key points are:

• Notify the consultant, contractor, or service technician to begin work once the PO has been issued and the service agreement has been signed by both parties

• Monitor agreement activities for work progress to ensure services are performed according to the specifications in the PO and/or agreement

• Notify CU Purchasing to request amendments, agreement renewals, or increases in the PO amount as needed

• Prior to the agreement expiration date and before final payment is made, provide an authorized signature verifying all work is complete and accepted

• Immediately report to CU Purchasing any performance discrepancies or disputes with the supplier