Rail & Bus Travel

Rail or Bus tickets should be purchased at the lowest available commercial/economy rate.  For travel by rail, the University maintains a contract with Amtrak with rates available to travelers through the University’s preferred travel agencies.  Details of this program can be accessed at http://www.campustravel.com/university/columbia

Travelers should use Amtrak’s unreserved or reserved coach class of service.  If traveling by Amtrak’s “Acela Express” train, a traveler should obtain business class tickets, as this is the lowest class of travel.

The University expects that tickets are purchased at the lowest available fare.  If under rare circumstances, a higher class of service is used, the traveler must obtain supplemental approval.  First or business class fare can only be charged to a government grant in cases where the grant explicitly allows such expenses.  In all cases, the amount above economy fare must be segregated to an appropriate ARC account. 

Be aware that the University will reimburse the cost of fare not to exceed the cost of the lowest available commercial airfare.

Documentation required

The original ticket, ticket stub or receipt for fares must include:

  • Dates and points of departure and arrival
  • Seat class
  • Total amount of the fare
  • Proof of payment