Project Costing Module

About Project Costing


Project Costing is a module within ARC that collects and tracks financial information for Sponsored, Capital, and other types of Projects. This includes transactions and balances over the life of the Project which is typically different than Fiscal Year. Project Costing can be thought of as a repository of Project information for budgeting, sponsor billing, and reporting purposes.


Chartfields for Project Costing


Each ChartField tells us something about a transaction: 


The following ChartFields are directly associated with the Project Costing module:

•  PC Business Unit

•  Project

•  Activity

•  Initiative

•  Segment

•  Site

•  Fund


Differences Between FAS and ARC in the Project Costing ChartFields


The following diagram shows how FAS components are translated into some of ARC's Project Costing ChartFields:

For more information on managing sponsored projects please see the Managing Sponsored Projects Web-Based Training Link (coming soon).