Procurement of Computer Hardware and Software

The purchase of information technology (IT) goods (hardware and software) for international operations should conform to University purchasing policies, and procedures should describe how the operation meets requirements under:

Competitive Procurement Policy

Contract/Purchase Order Administration Policy

→ Dollar Thresholds (described in Host Country Transaction Authority)

Procurement Services - Purchasing Guide

IT goods purchases can be made by in-country operations (below the $5K/unit threshold); IT services can be procured in-country without CU Purchasing review/approval if under $5,000 and less than 1 year; dollar thresholds may vary depending on individual program requirements.

Refer to the Purchasing page of Managing Financial Needs for additional guidance.

Software purchasing should be routed through the University department and Central Purchasing in New York due to issues relating to international licensing, use, deemed exports, and other requirements.

U.S. Export Controls

The U.S. Departments of State and Commerce have export control regulations that apply to certain technology, commodities, and software being transmitted from the United States to overseas entities and other persons. Before arranging for items to be shipped or conveyed to or from a host country office, these laws and regulations should be reviewed. This applies to items sent electronically or otherwise.

In addition, citizens and permanent residents of the United States who travel outside of the U.S. to work in a host country office or elsewhere in that country should also be aware that their laptops, mobile phones, and other electronic devices, that they bring with them, are subject to U.S. Export Controls.

For additional details, go to U.S. Export Controls, under Legal and Regulatory Compliance.

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