Problems Accessing a Report?

Blank Reports

A report may appear blank if incorrect/incongruous parameters have been set in the ChartString.  (Note:  it will not notify user with an error message).

A report may also appear blank if the user does not have security access to view the information.  


Confirming Security Access

To confirm security access log into ARC, click the Reporting Tools option from the Main Menu, then select Query Viewer under the Query Menu.

In the search box, enter the query name CU_SEC_ROLES_BY_OPRID and click Search. Once the query appears, click either HTML to view on screen or Excel to export directly to Excel.

Enter your UNI in the User search box.

The query will return all roles the user has been granted and, where applicable, the departments (route controls) for approval.


For more information refer to the Job Aid: Viewing Your Security Access.

For further information about security and security roles, please review the Finance Security Handbook.

Access to non-ARC reports, such as those related to integrating systems such as FINSys or FFE reports, is given by your DAF as part of the FSSA process.


Timed Out

To comply with University security guidelines, ARC logs users out of the application after a 30 minute period of inactivity.  FDS reports "time-out" in 30 minutes as well.  Two minutes prior to session timeout, the system provides a warning that the browser session is about to expire. You have the option of continuing with your current session by clicking the OK button in the warning message.  Note: being active in the system means actually interacting with the database.  Clicking in a field, inserting text in a field, etc. is not considered system activity.  Conducting searches for data, saving a transaction, submitting a transaction for approval are examples of system activity.


Browser Requirements

When running reports, please use one of the following Web Browsers:

Internet Explorer 8 or 9, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. 

Contact your local IT group if you encounter access issues due to your web browser.

View Desktop Requirements Info

Technical Issues:  please contact the Help Desk at 854-1919 or by email at

Access Issues:  please contact the Finance Service Center by clicking on the link or dialing 854-2122.