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Postage Meters

Lease, Service, Software, Mailing equipment
Postage, Equipment & Software

The lease, maintenance and software (incuding any upgrades) of Postage Meters / Mialing Equipment may be entered for periods of three (3) to no more than five (5) years with lease payments quarterly in advance.


At th end of the lease term there is a often newer technology for a lower lease rate (payment) therefore it is important that you contact your Pitney Bowes Sales Representative at least 90 days prior to the end of the lease term to discuss replacement options.


The University does not accept automatic renewal of equipment leases or maintenance however if you decide to keep existing equipment beyond theinitial lease term you will be billed monthly at the current lease rate,


The Sales Representative for Pitney Bowes is your main point of contact for new equipment inquiries, quotations and Leas Agreement Forms. The current sales represntative is:


Joseph Graziano

tel: 1 516 424 6979


For Questions Contact

Mark Medd

Senior Category Manager


1 212 854 7326