Purchasing Guide Details

Photographer / Videographer / Cinematographer

Photo, film and video production services

Best purchasing method: Purchase Order, with Scope of Work and Photographer Rider

ARC Category Code:  82131600 (Photographers and cinematographers)



IMPORTANT: As of 12/7/2015 Please use new Photography Rider at link below. Do not use old version of the Rider if saved on your hard drive.


NOTE:  If the photo/film/video services will be provided by a Columbia student, a separate form is used.  Have the student sign the Release form linked here and pay by voucher.



Required Documentation

If the vendor is an Individual/Sole Proprietor, then an Independent Contractor Certification (click here to obtain) is required each time they are engaged.

If the services will be performed on Columbia University premises and the vendor brings equipment on site that needs to be set-up (i.e., lights, sets, tripods, electrical wiring, etc.), a Certificate of Insurance is required.  No insurance is required if the vendor is only using hand-held equipment or if the work will be done off-site.

  • Individual: Resume; Client List (if not able to provide, we require an email from the Department stating the reason).
  • Company: Company brochure; Client List


Team Leader

Ken Campbell