Payments Generated But Not Received


Tips for Resolving Payments Generated by University But Not Received By Vendor/Payee


If a payment has been generated by the University finance system (ARC) but has not been received or cashed by the vendor/payee, there are several recommended steps to follow:

  • Confirm Timing of Payment.  Be sure to allow sufficient time for a payment to be received. The date of a payment is the date the payment process was run by Accounts Payable. It may also take several days for the check to arrive.
  • Stop Payment and Reissue.  If a check payment has been generated but not received, a vendor/payee should reach out to the school/dept contact and alert that person to request a stop payment.  It is important to confirm the "Remit To Address" to ensure that the payment is being mailed to the correct address, or to determine if a modification to the address is required.  If the address is correct, the department can also request that the check be reissued, or request the check be reissued once an address has been updated.
  • A vendor/payee may be contacted if Accounts Payable receives an ACH return for a payment that was sent via ACH/direct deposit.  AP will need to confirm the bank account and routing information and/or have the vendor/payee initiate a disbursement modification process if the information needs to be updated or modified.


Still have questions?  Please contact the Finance Service Center.