P-Card Setup - Applying for a P-Card Role

Individuals interested in becoming a Cardholder must have the approval of their Department P-Card Administrator (DPAD). ARC Procedure and PCard Policy training is required before a card is issued.  In addition, Cardholders must complete the required web-based training once directed to do so by ARC Security.


To apply for a P-Card, Cardholder Role:

  1. The prospective cardholder completes the Financial Systems Security Application available through Service Now.  (Please check all P-Card roles that apply, e.g., Cardholder, Reconciler, Reviewer or Approver.) Note: Most cardholders are also Reconcilers- please ensure both roles are selected on the form
  2. The Security Application is routed to the DAF for approval
  3. Once the DAF grants approval, the security form is routed to the ARC Secuirty Team  for review and notification of any ARC required trainings for requested roles.
  4. The applicant is required to complete the Reconciling P-Card Transactions web-based training and receive atleast a 90% on the related knowledge assessment.
  5. Once the training is successfully completed, the P-Card Team is notified via ServiceNow that a P-Cardholder Role has been assigned
  6. The P-Card Team generates an email to the applicant inviting the applicant to complete the online P-Card application
  7. The applicant completes the application for the card, indicating any special privileges (food or hotel) and designating the appropriate reconciler (if the cardholder is not also the reconciler) and approvers assigned to the P-Card
  8. The application is routed to the appropriate Departmental P-Card Administrator (DPAD) based upon the applicant's home department
  9. The application is returned to the P-Card Team for processing.  Upon approval, the applicant is informed about delivery or pick-up of the P-Card


Questions?  Contact the P-Card Team


Cardholders, Reconcilers, and Approvers are required to complete the Reconciling P-Card Transactions web-based training once directed to do so by ARC Security. 



P-Card Modifications

Modifications to a user's P-Card privileges must be requested by the user's DPAD.  A DPAD may request modifications such as:

  • Change in monthly cycle limit
  • Addition of local hotel privilege
  • Addition of food privilege


To make a modification request, the DPAD must submit the request to the P-Card TeamThe DPAD should include the cardholder's name, uni and the requested modification. Once the modifications have been completed, the P-Card Team will notify the DPAD. 

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