Office Information

Personal Changes

If your home address or telephone number changes, please let Katie Germana know your new contact information, or update your information in PeopleSoft Self-Service by logging on to  Additionally, if anything changes re: your personal status, i.e. you become a US Citizen, get married, change your name, get a degree, then please let Katie Germana know and provide back-up documentation, as this information needs to be updated.

Building / Facilities

Any building or facilities related issues should be reported to the 3rd Floor Reception (regardless of whether you are located on the 3rd or 4th Floor) at, i.e. temperature / electrical / plumbing / towels or soap for bathrooms, etc.

Toner Recycling

Please deposit all used toner cartridges in the closet located in the 3rd Floor reception area.  These will then be picked-up on a regular basis by Millennium, the company we use to recycle toner cartridges.

Conference Room Reservations

To reserve a conference room, please make all requests through the 3rd Floor reception with an e-mail to To book a conference room on the 4th and 5th floor, please contact the following for those floors: 4th Floor, Ching Gonzalez, 851-0628 or Theresa Wilcox, 854-4167. Please state the date, time from and to that you require a room, and how many meeting attendees you expect.

Please avoid double booking conference rooms.  Take the time to inform reception about cancellations.  In order to effectively manage the conference calendars we ask that you make every effort to end your meetings on time.

If you order food for a meeting that will be held in one of the 3rd Floor conference rooms, please alert the 3rd Floor reception at so they will expect the food delivery and will know which conference room to have the food set-up in.  Standard audio visual equipment (projector for hook-up with laptop) is available for the conference rooms which reception can help you with, but please alert them of your need when booking your room so that equipment does not get double booked.  If you require more complex equipment for a meeting, it is your responsibility to speak with CUIT about this.


If you are expecting a visitor to the building, please e-mail reception at with your visitors name, date, and time of expected arrival.

Office Closure
If you are unsure as to whether the University is open or not due an event such as inclement weather, first try contacting your manager or supervisor.  If you cannot reach them, call the University operator at (212) 854-1754 who will be able to give you an update on the situation.  Any University closure due to unexpected circumstances will also be posted on the University website at

A resignation is a voluntary termination initiated by the employee.  Support staff employees are expected to give two (2) weeks notice.  Officers are expected to give thirty (30) calendar days notice.  Upon completing the specified notice period, employees who resign receive vacation pay for earned, unused vacation days and floating holidays.  Employees who do not provide such notice forfeit this pay, though supervisors may waive this requirement following consultation with the Office of Employee and Labor Relations.

For more information please refer to the HR Policy Manual, or visit it online @