Processing Non-PO Vouchers

Non-PO Vouchers are vouchers that do not have any underlying Purchase Order associated with them.Non-PO Vouchers include the following payment types:

  • Vendor invoices without an underlying purchase order
  • Refunds
  • Prizes, Awards
  • Honoraria (domestic payments only)
  • Select fellowship and stipend payments (domestic only)


Non-PO Vouchers also include approval workflow that will route them through Central Accounts Payable after they have completed department-based approvals and workflow routing.

  1. Department receives invoice or other supporting documentation
  2. Department completes a check request form as appropriate
  3. ARC Voucher Initiator logs in to ARC AP Module
  4. ARC Voucher Initiator Selects Voucher Type
  5. ARC Voucher Initiator Creates Voucher
  6. ARC Voucher Initiator Scans & Uploads Supporting Documentation via EDM system
  7. ARC Voucher Initiator Submits Voucher
  8. Submitted voucher will route to ARC Voucher Approver based on workflow rules.  If voucher meets approval criteria, ARC Voucher Approver will approve voucher.
  9. Vouchers approved at the department level will then route to Central Accounts Payable and assigned to a member of the Audit & Review staff
  10. AP Audit & Review staff member will review voucher and supporting documentation.  If an item associated with the voucher needs clarification or correction, the staff member will place the voucher On Hold and an email notification will be sent to the ARC Voucher Initiator.  The AP Audit & Review staff member can also Reject the voucher, which will simply return it to the ARC Voucher Initiator and restart workflow in the department.  Payments to foreign vendors, individuals and entities will also be reviewed for any tax withholding requirements.
  11. Once the voucher has successfully completed the AP Audit & Review process, it is approved.  Voucher is Budget Checked. If Budget Checking process is not successful, ARC Voucher Initiator will receive a notification and will need to resolve Budget Check failure.  Approved vouchers that pass Budget Checking will the post to the General Ledger.  Payments for approved vouchers will be processed on a nightly basis.