New Vehicles


To begin the registration and insurance process for a new vehicle (either new-used, new-lease, or new-own), a New Vehicle Acquisition form must be completed. Copies of the title/sale certificate, bill of sale (contract), and a Columbia purchase order must be forwarded to the Insurance and Risk Management Department with the New Vehicle Acquisition Form (sub-codes 6114, 6118, and 2518).  Forms that are incomplete or that do not include the necessary supplemental documentation will not be processed.  (Note: to register a trailer or boat, please contact contact Laura Schon at or 212-854-1063.)


Registering a vehicle in New York State requires an MV-82 form (Vehicle Registration/Title Application,  The "Certification Box" (section 7) of the MV-82 must be signed by an authorized person from the Insurance and Risk Management Department.  A complete MV-82 will be supplied for execution to the department Vehicle Coordinator listed on the New Vehicle Acquisition form. 


Along with the MV-82, Risk Management will forward [to the department?] an insurance I.D. card and paperwork documenting the University's tax-exempt status, all of which will be necessary to register a vehicle at the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.  It is the department's responsibility to execute registration paperwork at a NYS DMV office.  If the new vehicle is purchased from a dealership, the Insurance and Risk Management Department will forward the appropriate registration materials to that dealership for execution at the DMV (the dealership cannot execute registration without Risk Management's signature and tax-exempt documentation).


New vehicle registration materials are ready 3-5 business days after Risk Management receives the complete New Vehicle Acquisition form and supplemental documentation.


For uniformity, all University vehicles are registered to:


The Trustees of Columbia University

615 West 131st Street, 3-362A
New York, NY 10027

(212) 854-1063