New P-Card Report Available

P-Card Reconcilers, Approvers, & Reviewers,


There have been some challenges with the P-Card Drillback Query that is run out of ARC.  To address these issues, we have created a new P-Card Drillback Report that is available within the Financial Data Store (FDS).  Of note:


  • The new P-Card Drillback Report replaces the P-Card Drillback Query in ARC.  There is no longer any P-Card Drillback Query.
  • The new report allows you to search for P-Card transaction details either by specific Voucher ID or the account holder’s UNI (both of these search types are optional, as the only required fields to complete when filling in the run control parameters for this report are Fiscal Year and Accounting Period (Statement Billing Date).
  • Users will need the Financial Inquiry role (FIN INQUIRY)  to access the P-Card Drillback reports in  FDS.  If you do not already have this role, access to the role can be requested by completing the Financial Systems Security Application (FSSA).  FSSA information, including guidance and access to the application, can be found on the Finance Gateway at
  • To access the new P-Card Drillback Report, go to the “FDS Reports” link located on the ARC Portal within the Reporting Quick Links section.  The P-Card Drillback Report is located within the Procurement Reports Directory within InfoView.  Path:  FDS > Public Folders > ARC > Procurement Reports > P-Card Drillback (PO_RPT2002).  For help in accessing the FDS Reports, please refer to the “FDS Reporting Access” job aid


If you have any questions, please contact the Finance Service CenterYou can log an incident or request a service by using a self-service web form, or you can contact the Service Center by phone: 212-854-2122 Monday-Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. 


Thank you.

P-Card Team