Modify Your Project

•  Daily, SPA will send an email notification to the SPF Coordinator* indicating that new and or updated Project Information Notification (PIN) report(s) is available for download
-  Draft language: “Attached is a list of projects and activities that were either published and/or modified today”


•  The email notification will include an attachment listing all projects for which attributes have been modified.
•  Draft “PIN Alert” attachment:
•  Once the PIN report is run and printed, it will be filed in the Project File, as has been the practice with the Sponsored Project Budget Authorization (SPBA)
•  For Projects which were converted from FAS Accounts and for which attributes are not changed,  the PIN report will not be added to each project  file by the SPF Operations/File coordination team
•  Rather, SPF leadership asks for SPF team member’s cooperation in running, printing, and filing the PIN report as they work on a given project file