Meeting and Conference Fees

Meeting or Conference fees will be reimbursed by the University. It is preferable that either a P-card is used or the University is billed directly for these expenses.  However, if the traveler pays the registration fee, they will be reimbursed.

Documentation Required

In order to receive reimbursement for a conference fee, the traveler must submit a flyer or other literature describing the conference, a registration form, agenda or original receipt for the conference fees.  The documentation must include:

  • the dates and location of the conference
  • the total amount of the conference fees
  • proof of payment

A traveler can be reimbursed in advance for conference fees paid. To seek reimbursement prior to travel, the traveler must submit proof of payment and a copy of the conference flyer or registration, along with the valid business reason. The “travel end” date on the Travel and Business Expense report should reflect the return date of the trip.