Medical Assistance


Medical Services

  • •   Pre-trip information on travel health issues
  • •   Referrals to medical and dental providers
  • •   Emergency and routine medical advice
  • •   Emergency medical evacuation (if deemed necessary by International SOS)
  • •   Medically-supervised repatriation (if deemed necessary by International SOS)
  • •   Repatriation of mortal remains
  • •   Medical monitoring 
  • •   Inpatient admission and identification of receiving physician
  • •   Assistance with documentation for health insurance claims
  • •   Outpatient medical expense guarantee and payment*
  • •   Impatient medical expense guarantee, cost review and payment*
  • •   Dispatch of medication and medical supplies*
  • •   Companion ticket in conjunction with medically-supervised evacuation
  • •   Return home of minor children in conjunction with a medically-supervised evacuation or repatriation
  • •   Additional travel and accommodation arrangements after medical evacuation*

*These services will incur additional charges that are the responsibility of the traveler.  Costs not covered by the traveler's medical insurance plan must be paid by the traveler.